Happy Spring! 

This is my favorite time of the year. Here in South Florida, our orchids bloom, the breeze is a little warmer, and possibilities feel limitless! 

When I think of possibilities, I know how important it is to slow down and become more self-aware of the different voices in our minds so we can tap into our Leader Within. This part of ourselves guides us toward making decisions aligned with our highest and greater good. This translates to more effective leadership within our teams and organizations, ultimately leading to greater success and, more importantly, fulfillment. 

This month, we focus on “Increasing Your Executive Presence, What To Do When You’re Triggered At Work.”  In my best-selling book, Every Day Is Friday: ACTT Blueprint for Leaders & Entrepreneurs, we double click on the “Inside Crew section.” At Metaspire, we define Executive Presence as: 

  • The embodiment of creditability, clarity, confidence, and charisma working together to inspire trust and mutual respect, resulting in higher performance.  
  • Effective communication with all personnel levels, leading performance with respect and clarity.  

This leadership competency relies on clear communication, emotional intelligence, and the capacity to maintain composure in challenging situations. 

As a woman in leadership, I have faced this challenge myself. Feelings in many organizations were deemed as inconvenient at best. I am not suggesting letting our emotions run the show based on reaction; I assert that our feelings are a gift, letting us know that something better is wanting to emerge. 

The trap is when we talk about our feelings without allowing ourselves to feel them, or we shut others down for their feelings, or we wait for circumstances around us to change before feeling our feelings. When we don’t take time to observe the voices in our minds objectively, we can make decisions based on our reactions, tarnishing our leadership brand, our credibility, and our relationships. Then, if we are smart, we are in clean-up mode, taking responsibility for our part in things going sideways. 

In my experience, the first step is to dive further into self-awareness and gain stronger internal strength through self-leadership. This means looking at our inside Crew, a.k.a. our internal board of directors. These voices get loud in our minds when we are in conflict or have a choice to make. 

It’s not always easy to look at our development areas, but it’s worth it! 


Ask yourself, “What’s one thing that will amp up my Executive Presence?” 
If you have a success story or need support, hit reply.   

Here are some of the Ah-ha moments and Outcomes that were shared during the Master Class:
  • We need to take time to slow down, step back, and center ourselves so that we can effectively move forward for ourselves, our company, and our team.
  • Effective communication involves listening and hearing what is not being said.
  • Be sure to ask the right questions when hiring and retaining employees. Focus on alignment with company values.
  • A crucial part of executive presence is assessing and changing the room’s temperature as needed, inspiring self and others, being accessible to others, and having practical, emotional intelligence.
  • As leaders, we seek positive influences where we can be vulnerable and supported without judgment.
  • We are giving ourselves compassion, seeing ourselves and others more clearly, giving ourselves grace, reducing over-involvement, being strategically helpful, and looking for functional balance.
  • I am she who is confident, compassionate, insightful, sensible, sensitive, self-worthy, self-aware, and open to something new to nurture my executive presence effectively.
  • Instead of the May 10th Master Class, we encourage you to come to the retreat on May 30-31. It is customized for you and this topic. Also, join us for Wednesday Wisdom on May 1st at 4 pm EST. 
  • Check out the April 2024 Master Class Presentation from the class. 
  • The Leaders Within (Inside Crew) Mind Map Exercise will help you strengthen your self-leadership, which in turn will lead to a stronger executive presence. 
  • Here’s our monthly contact list. 
  • Start drafting our New and Improved Every Day Is Friday ACTT Blueprint. Sandy Zeiszler did a fantastic job with the design. We are lucky to have her onboard. 
  • Remember to schedule your 1:1 time with me to keep your ACTT Blueprint, strategic plans, and 90-day goals on track! 

Welcome back, Michelle Pinder and Lisa Pratt-Sanchez. It is an honor to be with you as you re-introduce yourself to the world! 

With gratitude, 


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