Happy October Bad A$$ Woman!

This month, we are focusing on how we can expand time. Being a woman in leadership, we often feel like there is a pressure cooker around our schedules, which can lead to stress. On the flip side, we can also procrastinate about things like taking care of our health or finances thinking we have plenty of time.

During the Master Class, we discussed how you can expand time while standing more fully in your leadership as a woman.

Primarily we are focused on two areas. The first is your thought leadership around time e.g., being present, creating special moments, trusting the ebbs and flows of time, being appreciative of your time and the time others spend, etc. Each of us shared how we each experience time. We also spoke about what sayings and beliefs we’ve heard about time and if that is still true for us e.g., “Time flies when we’re having fun” and “Time is a created thing.” To say, ‘I don’t have time is to say ‘I don’t want to.’” — Lao Tzu

Further, we covered practical tools like Steven Covey’s 4-time quadrants and how we can get out of crisis and distraction mode and into more effectiveness. Below we have some additional tools for you like the Make Time For Fun Kit. Also, because many of us are not only responsible for our own productivity but also responsible for helping our teams be as productive if you’re interested in our business transformation program to increase productivity and reduce unnecessary expenses, let me know since we didn’t get to it. In the meantime, here is what a few of you got from our time together:

  • Insourcing the need to be appreciated
  • Scheduling travel time to reduce stress and manage her time better.
  • Gratitude for mostly being out of Steven Covey’s Quadrant 1
  • Focusing more on Quadrant 2 – Effectiveness
  • Taking advantage of the time of day when we have the most energy and get as much done at that time (not just when everyone else does or thinks we should do).

PS: If you enjoyed today and want a stronger leadership experience, let’s book a time to find out more about  Our Leadership Breakthrough Retreat. Early bird pricing ends October 31st at noon!

Sending lots of love to you!


Make Time For Fun Kit

WLP Time Analysis (Lightning Rod Agency)

WLP POWERPOINT- Master Class Oct 2022


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November Master Class


Rena Whittaker Headshot

Being a woman in leadership we can often feel like the changes we want to create for ourselves and our organizations, are unattainable as if the hill is too high to climb. But what if you can make sustainable changes by practicing one-degree shifts to obtain your personal and professional goals?

Join us and together we’ll discover what transitional practices & actions you can take so that you not only meet your goals, you can also have the transformation you deserve with Nina Segura, Business Transformation Expert, Best-Selling Author and Creator of Women Leadership Power and special guest Rena Whittaker President of BeingTribal, Author, Expert, and Speaker, and the Creator of the Path of Greatness Retreat

Tuesday, November 1st, 2022
8:30AM – 10:30AM EASTERN

During the Master Class be prepared to share:

  1. What practices & actions do you want to do consistently to gain the transition you require?
  2. How do you celebrate your wins?
  3. How aligned is your purpose as a leader with the transformation you’re wanting for yourself personally and professionally?
  4. Time permitting you can also provide us with a topic for which you’d like us to collaborate, share resources, or cross-pollinate ideas.

If you cannot attend our Master Class, please let us know 48-72 hours in advance AND be fully present, cameras on and ready to become the best version of yourself. Thank you!


To explore our vision with you “A world where we inspire, influence, and empower one another while honoring our feminine nature and women in leadership.” Remember as a part of your membership you can invite a different friend or colleague to each monthly Master Class.

We offer a 5% commission when anyone you refer signs up as an Executive Member and/or a Transformation Client. To make it easier for you, we have crafted an email invitation that you can send to your friend.


10/21/22 2:00-3:00 pm EDIF Community Deep Dive a full strategic roadmap for the year to keep you on track with your personal and professional goals.
11/1/22 8:30am – 10:30am Master Class “What Is Your Transition Plan? Practicing Life & Leadership In One-Degree Shifts” Rena Whittaker (ACTT Blueprint Transition Actions)

11/11/22 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Feel Good Friday Potluck In Person

11/18/22 2:00-3:00pm EDIF Community Deep Dive a full strategic roadmap for the year to keep you on track with your personal and professional goals.
12/6/22  8:30am – 10:30am Master Class  “What Do You Refuse To Repeat In 2023? End 2022 Strong.”
Nina Segura (ACTT Blueprint: Development)

12/8/22-12/10/22  9:00 am – 7:00 pm – Leadership Breakthrough Retreat get out of the weeds align, influence and take action so that together we can fast track your goals. Click for more information on the Leadership Breakthrough Retreat In Person.

12/16/22 2:00-3:00pm EDIF Community Deep Dive a full strategic roadmap for the year to keep you on track with your personal and professional goals.



A World Where We Inspire, Influence, and Empower one another while honoring our feminine nature and women in leadership


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