Gratitude & Growth: A Thanksgiving Message to my Success Sisters, 

As we approach this season of gratitude, reflection, and growth, I am humbled by the journey we’ve shared in pursuing organizational excellence. Since 2005, we have spearheaded global change programs for esteemed clients such as Amex, BCBS, and HP; I am deeply thankful for the trust and collaboration that have led to over $300MM in operational savings, amplified enterprise value, and the retention of top-tier talent.

At Metaspire, our commitment extends beyond corporate giants to encompass small and mid-market accounts; we support the transformative power of liberating leadership teams from the confines of the founder’s trap. 

Our mission is to infuse each day with the same freedom, fun, and fulfillment that a Friday embodies. When teams operate from the place of embracing our strengths, leaning into one another for support and collaboration, we not only meet the strategic needs of our leadership teams, but we also anticipate the needs of our culture and, most importantly, our customers, resulting in increasing satisfaction and revenue.

Since 2019, we have worked with women who drive organizational strategies, transcend industry norms, and disrupt the status quo. Several women have launched businesses from the ground up and, in less than a year, transformed their companies, doubling their revenue and, most importantly, transforming their work lives into stable and thriving ventures. Further, other women have transitioned from a role with little support to leading a high-performing team. Along this journey, they’ve nurtured each team member’s strengths and expanded their brand value within the organization.

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for my top referral partners this year, Adrienne, Adrian, Esther, Jill, Irma, Christina, Lenny, Traci and Michael. 

My company wouldn’t exist without our bad a$$ clients: Angela, Brandon, Charlene, Ileana, Jason, Jessica, Kristyn, Lisa, Traci, and my crew Bianca, Christine, Jeff, Lillian, Sandy, and Shelly, your trust, collaboration, and shared pursuit of making every day feel free, fun and fulfilling – Like a FRIDAY!, your trust, collaboration, and shared pursuit of making every day feel free, fun and fulfilling – Like a FRIDAY

As we journey through November together, I’m excited to continue supporting you on your path to leadership excellence. If you ever have questions, need guidance, or simply want to connect, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Wishing you a successful and fulfilling month ahead!

Sending lots of love to you!


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Friday, December 8th Master Class

What Do You Refuse To Repeat In 2024? End 2023 Strong.” (ACTT Blueprint: Development)
10:00 am to 11:30 am Eastern

with Nina Segura, Business Transformation Expert | Fractional COO | Executive Coach | Six Sigma Black Belt | Business Process Architect

One aspect of feminine leadership is taking time to reflect. In this way, we can appreciate our successes and learn from our mistakes to do better next time! Join us, and together, we’ll celebrate your strengths and identify what you desire to create differently in the new year. 
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Master Class Dates:
Master Class dates and times will not change, however, topics may change based on the needs of the community.”

1/12/24 10:00am – 11:30am Create Your 2024 Vision With Clarity & Confidence.  (ACTT Blueprint: Vision)

2/9/24 10:00am – 11:30am – “Strategic Thinking: How To Get Out Of The Weeds & Fast Track Your Organization” (ACTT Blueprint: Mission) 

3/8/24 10:00am – 11:30am – “What Is Your Irresistible Value Proposition?” (ACTT Blueprint: Value Proposition)   

Special In-Person Events

What attendees had to say about the Fall 2023 Retreat:

  • “Such a great experience! To be able to bond with other women and be able to work on ourselves as well as provide insight to help others is amazing. Life is always go, go, go…it’s nice to be able to pause and take a moment for ourselves and explore ourselves on a deeper level.”
  • “A true breakthrough experience.”
  • “An amazing energy space where you can dig deep into your mind, find out what is in your heart, and learn to trust your gut. All while being apart of an amazing tribe of incredible women who are all going through their own journey. It truly was an amazing experience!”
  • “Inspiring, uplifting, beautiful, eye-opening, transformative. I met a new version of myself. I am excited to reintroduce myself to the world and progress even further in my career and deepen my connections as a leader.”
  • “A personal oasis. A place that was safe and fruitful aside of a busy, hardened environment providing the space to get in-tuned and reconnected with self and others”

Leadership Breakthrough Retreat In Person.

5/30/24 to 5/31/24 – WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP RETREAT –  Accelerate Your Influence,  Increase Engagement,  & Secure Financial Results While Relaxing! Boca Raton, Florida.
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EDIF Quarterly Deep Dive 

12/15/23 – 2:00-3:30pm Quarterly EDIF Community Deep Dive a full strategic roadmap for the year to keep you on track with your personal and professional goals. (ACTT Blueprint:  Commitments, MOS, Development)

3/15/24 – 2:00-3:30pm Quarterly EDIF Community Deep Dive a full strategic roadmap for the year to keep you on track with your personal and professional goals. (ACTT Blueprint: Vision, Mission, Value Proposition)




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