This month, we focus on “Creating Ideal Work Relationships” (Every Day Is Friday: ACTT Blueprint: Ideal Clients/Employees section).” Most want superior teamwork – team autonomy and accountability—and an atmosphere of trust, open communication, and shared responsibility. However, sometimes, the actions or behaviors of others can create roadblocks and frustration. How might we best transform frustration into a collaboration to be more productive and profitable and, more importantly, honor our most precious relationships? 

According to one of our latest polls, we asked business leaders, “How does the absence of high-quality relationships “CREW” affect work performance?” The results were tied for number #1, Unmet Financial Performance and Unclear Performance Outcomes are tied at 33%, followed by Unproductive Conflict. What do you think of that?  

First, let’s normalize conflict. Consider how you experience each relationship toxin at work? At home? More importantly, which do you tend to do most?  

  • Blaming/Criticism – Attacking the person rather than the behavior. 

  • Defensiveness – Refusing to own behavior. 

  • Contempt – Sarcasm, belittling, cynicism, name-calling, or hostile humor. 

  • Stonewalling – Silent treatment, refusal to engage, and withdrawal. 

It’s not the absence of conflict that makes us stronger (although too much conflict is a different story); it’s how we handle outside complications and how quickly our reliance bounces our team back into cohesivity. So, how can we best do that?  

Based on my experience, typically, the root of unmet financial performance and unclear performance outcomes is a lack of self-leadership manifested as unproductive conflict. Most importantly, without self-trust, it is challenging to lead. My mentor, Shelly, shared something essential with me recently. She is a clear communicator and authentic with her feelings, so her kids can hear her feelings like frustration, but she never raises her voice or hits her kids for two reasons. First, she wants to maintain a connection with them. More importantly, she knows that if she were to do something out of integrity, she would only be hurting and impacting trust within herself.  

Dr. Richard Schwartz has done influential work on self-leadership as it relates to internal family systems, and it boils down to leading the parts within us before we lead others. Each of us has different parts within ourselves. There may be parts of us that want to tell people off, or parts of us that want to control or please others, and other parts of us that know when to say yes or no or to negotiate something different for our highest good and the highest good of those around us. The foundation is taking time to self-reflect about what we want and need from an empowered place.  


The POWER of the PAUSE! 

When we are in conflict, something greater happens when we remember to take 100% responsibility for our intended or unintended impact. The time to focus on how we might better handle conflict isn’t in the moment of the conflict – it’s when we are in an energy-rich state – clarity within ourselves of our boundaries, curiosity for the other, and, regardless of all of it, a commitment to learning.  
From a business perspective, it’s super important for us to understand the Client Lifecycle, The Team Lifecycle, The Employee Lifecycle, the Sales/Influence components, and practical tools like the WIN Model of Communication. But of course, I could write pages and pages on each one of those topics!
If you have a success story or want to support your team in forming and storming to high performance, hit reply.
Next month, we will focus more fully on how clearly defined your Client WOW experiences are (for more context, see Chapter 4: Super Leadership, Customer Life Cycle in my book, Every Day Is Friday ACTT Blueprint For Leaders & Entrepreneurs). 

In case you missed it or want a reminder, here are some Master Class Ah-ha moments: 

  • Conflict is a sign something greater wants to happen. It’s a pivotal moment for personal growth. Embracing conflict can lead to more significant individual and organizational development. 

  • We are all on a journey of continual discovery. Understanding the ‘why’ behind our behaviors and actions makes determining the ‘how’ (creating our plans) easier and more achievable.  

  • Empowered and Reflective Leadership – Take time for self-exploration and reflection to grow as a leader by being around others who will inspire, empower, and share your gratitude. 

Next Steps: 

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