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We wouldn’t be connected if you didn’t make our world a better place. Each of us contributes to our surroundings by the essence of our existence. The pivotal question is, “How might we best elevate our leadership to create a more positive impact?”. In this context, I’m curious to learn about your strengths and development items in the various dimensions of Change Leadership:

  1. Challenge the status quo and foster innovation. 
  2. Clearly define the desired outcomes of change, such as competitiveness and profitability. 
  3. Address your resistance to change while guiding others through the change lifecycle.
  4. Cultivate creative ideas, possibilities, or solutions in response to challenges. 
  5. Encourage others to innovate and maximize the involvement of others in the change process.
  6. Show empathy towards those who did not choose the implemented changes. 
  7. Combine intuition and facts to make sound judgments. 
  8. Acknowledge and celebrate small increments of positive change.

Within the pages of this month’s Every Day Is Friday: The ACTT Blueprint For Leaders & Entrepreneurs” reading, we delve into the insights of Chapter 3, titled “Secrets To Make Every Day Friday” (pages 63-66 and 103-111), as well as the thought-provoking Chapter 9, “The Change Curve,” starting on page 181.

As we navigate through these chapters, our focus narrows on managing our resistance to change while we lead others through the change cycle. One way to manage our resistance to change and the resistance of others is to make assertions through a “Leadership Stake.” A leadership stake is a belief and an expected outcome based on that belief. An example of a leadership stake is, “When we change our perspective, we provide a space for empowering choices to occur.” 

All things transform, for example, organizational, customer, and employee lifecycles. The power of leading change lies in interpreting our beliefs, thoughts, and desires and our ability to inspire others to focus on the positives amidst the challenges. 

Finally, we also discussed that the best leadership teams have clear and consistent messaging around “The 5 Ps for Leading Change”:

  • What is the Purpose?
    • Why are we changing, and why now?
  • What is the Big Picture?
    • What are the changes and how will it look once the changes are implemented?
  • What is our Plan?
    • What is the transition plan for implementing the change? How might we mitigate any risks?
  • What is my Part to play?
    • How will it impact me? How can I make a difference, and who can I contact with concerns
  • When is the Party? 
    • When will we be rewarded so that we can celebrate?

Additionally, here are some of the Ah-ha moments shared during our Master Class:

  • “We can’t drive change, but we can contribute to and influence it.”
  • “It’s important to inspire purposeful action.”
  • “It’s important to align the culture’s values to gain the wins we are expecting.” 
  • “Looking at the change through the eyes of those experiencing it.”
  • “Be empathetic with ourselves while we are leading change.”

Also below is how some of you felt after our session:

  • Calm
  • Inspired
  • Open
  • Grateful
  • Motivated

Again, thank our speakers, Irma Parone and Julie Kantor, for sharing your time and expertise. Their contact information is in this month’s presentation and the contact list.

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  1. Secrets of Successful Change
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The Gift Of Accountability
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Often a team trusts one another and handles conflict well. However, they hesitate to honor the importance of accountability by avoiding uncomfortable conversations. Join us, and we’ll discuss how you can hold others accountable and then have them thank you for it.

Guest Panel: Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking and Charla Stevens

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